Claudia Amantino

The practice of yoga entered my life more than 40 years ago. In the first years it was primarily the asanas (postures) that helped to calm my mind and emotions and helped me feel well in my body. Eventually, when I was introduced to the 8 limbs of yoga everything in my life began to make much more sense. I’m so grateful for all my teachers and the teachers that made yoga and the 8 limbs available to us.
I’m from Brazil where I graduated as a psychologist and worked for 17 years in private practice and 10 of those years also in the Public Health System. My experience with myself, the people I worked with and my studies have shown me the importance of working mind and body in an integrative way. In 2013 I started yoga classes with Madan Bali and I was impressed with the deep level of relaxation that I was able to achieve. The relaxation response is the scientific term for meditation. It was coined by the cardiologist Herbert Benson that leads research in Mind Body Medicine and the improvement of our mental and physical health related with the relaxation response.
In 2013, I completed Dr. Bali’s Therapeutic Method of Yoga Teacher Training, 200h. I have been taking different classes and workshops for yoga teachers in order to improve my own practice and my teachings. My most recent ones in 2021 being with Isabelle Lemay, Saint Lazare and the teachers of Esther Myers Studio, Toronto that teach in the Vanda Scaravelli way of yoga. I also have been studying with Benedetta Capanna, Rome. A yoga teacher that studied for many years with Diane Long, a regular student of Vanda Scaravelli that studied with her for 23 years. Since 2020 I have been taking courses with Kristine Weber in Subtle Yoga and the connection between yoga and neuroscience. Other teachers that have influenced my work are Judith H. Lasater and Mary Richards with their great knowledge and experience in yoga, anatomy and kinesiology. In my experience, these different approaches of yoga contribute to my practice and help the students in an atmosphere of acceptance and care.
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