Sound Healing & Guided Meditation

Come into resonance with your whole being. Take care of yourself and bring out your true nature with gentleness and compassion.

The practices that use sounds and vibrations allow you to reach a state of well-being, openness, serenity, joy and a new state of consciousness.

This is the path towards oneself, in kindness, that Andrea invites you to follow during the Sound Healing & Guided Meditation session.





The Sound Healing session is usually divided into three stages:

Sound travel

Like a story, it is a sound ballad that Andrea tells with instruments and words. It is practiced lying down comfortably.

You travel, dreaming of the places described, invited by the characters that inhabit this invented universe. Your imagination wanders, comes and goes.

Sound sweep

It is practiced lying down, always accompanied by the sounds of the singing bowls and particularly by the 7 bowls corresponding to the 7 energy centers.

It is about becoming aware of your body and going through it step by step, guided by my voice. It is a body sweep that becomes vibratory thanks to the presence of the bowls, which go through all your energy centers – it is the sweep of the chakras.

Sound meditation

You remain in a sitting position. During this meditation guided by my voice, the sounds of the singing bowls punctuate the practice, in order to bring the mind back to the present moment, to the medium chosen for the meditation.

The bowls allow an escape that is conducive to let go of the discursive mind, while remaining in an awake state.

Benefits of Sound Healing & Guided Meditation Sessions

The benefits of Sound Healing are innumerable and vary according to the chosen practice. It is a unique moment for each person. 

  • Provides total relaxation, the effects of which last after the session.
  • Allows you to develop a greater receptivity to your environment and awareness of the present moment.
  • Helps you to let go of your thoughts and fully feel the benefits of sounds and vibrations.
  • Provides a very pleasant and beneficial feeling of well-being for your entire being. 

Sound healing in Montreal

Meta 1111 is conveniently located on Queen-Mary street, 5 minutes by foot from Snowdon metro station, near Highway 15 and Monkland Village.