Mudra, Mantra & Meditation

During this practice, we will be using different breathing techniques along with mudras and mantras to help you relax more fully into the meditations.

Some of the benefits of meditation are increased self-compassion and self-awareness, reduced stress and a more positive outlook on life. Meditating in a group helps beginners tap into a collective energy to relax deeper into the practice.



The place of meditation in the practice of yoga

In yoga, meditation holds an essential place and belongs to the basic principles, directly drawn from the yogas sutras of Patanjali.
Meditation helps to pacify one’s emotions and to purify the mind. It increases the capacity of concentration and thus brings more alertness and a better memory.
There are many ways to meditate – some postures are more suitable than others and some practices are specially designed for meditation:

Combination of postures and breathing (for example: hatha yoga),

The use of specific sounds repeated aloud (for example: mantra yoga or Japa yoga),

Visualization of images or colors (efor xample: visualization of the chakras and the corresponding colors as in kundalini yoga).

Meditation and Yoga: Cleansing the Mind

Meditation is a mental and/or spiritual practice. It is often linked to the spiritual realm, but an atheist can also practice it and benefit from it for his or her health, especially for managing daily stress.
The process of meditation consists in focusing one’s attention on…
  • A concrete object: a candle, a photograph, etc.,
  • An abstract subject: an idea, a statement, a quote, etc,
  • A sound: reciting a mantra, listening to a sound, etc,
  • “Nothing”: in Buddhist philosophy, meditating can consist of emptying the mind and letting the thoughts that come to mind pass without holding them back, as if one were watching clouds pass by.

The benefits of meditation in yoga

Learning to meditate and practicing meditation as often as possible, brings many benefits, including:
  • More calm and serenity;
  • A state of relaxation in the body and mind;
  • A better ability to clear the mind, which is far from obvious when one starts meditation and yoga practice;
  • A more intense presence: too many people live in the past or project themselves into the future, which often causes anxiety or stress.
Meditation allows one to refocus on the present moment.

yoga & MEDITATION SESSIONS in Montreal

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