Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a multi-faceted discipline. If some practices like vinyasa yoga are dynamic and sporty, others are ideal for relaxation and inner peace

Contrary to a gymnastic sequence, the postures must be maintained for a sufficiently long time: approximately 3 minutes per posture. Breath control (pranayama) and concentration are also important elements of Hatha yoga.

In the West, Hatha Yoga (also spelled Hathayoga) is perceived as the most “traditional” and authentic form of yoga. However, the Western form of Hatha Yoga is far removed from the true, traditional Hatha Yoga, which is not a more or less gentle gymnastics but a spiritual and religious path.
The term “haṭha” (हठ) means vigour, effort. Concretely, Hatha Yoga aims to develop and align physical and mental capacities. From a technical point of view, this is a discipline of harmonization and development of psychological (concentration, serenity) and bodily (power and flexibility) faculties pushed to their perfection.

The practice of Hatha Yoga

During our Hatha yoga sessions, we combine breath control (pranayama) with physical postures (asanas), mantras and meditation.
Yoga is a universal practice and adapts to each practitioner. Yoga is also a practice devoid of any spirit of performance or competition. Whatever your age or body type, there is no “good” or “bad” level, you simply have to adapt the postures to your own capacities. There is no objective to reach in order to succeed in the practice.
A successful Hatha yoga session is simply a yoga session where one gives the best of oneself. Anyone can do it and reap the benefits.
Regular Hatha yoga sessions can lead to increased flexibility, strength, focus and self-esteem. The progress and benefits are usually felt much faster than one would imagine, making it a very rewarding activity.

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

As for the other forms of yoga, Hatha Yoga allows an improvement of the global form of the practitioner, as the practice goes on. It is recognized as having many benefits:

On the physical level :

  • more flexibility
  • strengthened joints and the disappearance of back problems

On the mental level :

  • more concentration
  • improved memory
  • a clearer mind

On the emotional level :

  • better stress management
  • less anxiety
  • a better quality of sleep.

All this can only be seen if one is assiduous in his practice. Hatha Yoga, like all other forms of yoga, requires patience and perseverance and above all a very regular practice!

HATHA yoga in Montreal

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