Isabel Justo

Isabel Justo Kahn is the founder and director of Bhakti and Meta Spiritual Centers and has been practicing and guiding yoga and meditation now for over 25 years. 
“Yoga is a spiritual practice that allows us to heal from the inside out. It is transformative in nature and impacts every part of life. Ultimately, it enables you to see that the receiving of its gift is in the giving.”
For this reason, Isabel has dedicated her life to giving back.
She works primarily in bringing the program to those who might not otherwise have access to it, such as women’s shelters and children’s outreach programs. Her philosophy is that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to get well. The aim being to lessen the barriers to those seeking spiritual growth as a way of life.
Isabel believes in an integrative approach and has multiple certifications at both spiritual, energy and cognitive levels, such as Reiki, Therapeutic Yoga, a Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy from the Open International University for Alternative Medicine (OIUAM), specializing in Therapeutic counselling, with an emphasis in East-West Spirituality & Therapeutic Counselling, to name a few.
She believes that the therapeutic approach to yoga that she practices and guides to be the gateway to true peace and happiness, through its focus on uniting the body and the mind. “Its goal is to ultimately allow us to feel whole and connected”
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