Laura Gonzalez

Laura is a Birth Doula, Bioneuroemotion Practitioner and Meditation Teacher who excels at supporting pregnant women and beginner meditators. She is working toward becoming a Postpartum Doula by the end of February 2024.

Laura has done beginner meditation and mindfulness classes for both toddlers and parents as well as teaching prenatal techniques to pregnant moms as a way to promote and enhance child development. Her classes are in English and Spanish!

Laura’s “Prenatal Techniques” class:
I help pregnant moms who feel unprepared for motherhood discover their core values through strategies and prenatal techniques so they can enjoy pregnancy and see their children not as a reflection of themselves but as a reflection of what they have yet to learn about themselves.

Laura’s Beginners Meditation class:
My beginner’s meditation classes explore different meditation techniques so you can learn more about what works for you and what fits into your schedule. The goal is to create a meditation practice at home that inspires you to be more present and aware.

When Laura is not teaching classes or preparing for her next class, she can be found doing oil paintings or woodworking (her dream is to make the most comfortable rocking chair!)

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